UK to welcome Global Greens and European Greens Congress

UK to welcome Global Greens Congress

Keli Yen, Global Greens Secretary, and Jean Lambert MEP (centre) 

The Global Greens and European Greens Congress is coming to Liverpool in Spring next year.

The Green Party of England and Wales will be hosting the Global Greens and European Greens Congress between 30 March and 2 April 2017 in Liverpool. The Global Greens is the international network of Green Parties, stretching from Poland to the Philippines, Taiwan to Turkey, and Australia to Austria. The Global Greens are made up of trans-continental federations of Green Parties including the Asia-Pacific Greens, European Green Party, African Federation of Green Parties and Green Parties of the Americas. The European Green Party is a transnational political party representing dozens of Green parties from European countries.

The Global Greens Congress is the primary decision-making body of the Global Greens. Previous congresses have been held in Canberra, Australia (2001), Sao Paolo, Brazil (2008) and Dakar, Senegal (2012).  

This historic and unique joint congress will include speakers from across the globe looking at themes such as climate change, grassroots democracy and tax justice. As well as voting, each Green Party can send three delegates, and there will be a range of fringes, workshops and social events. It is extremely exciting for the Green Party of England and Wales to host the event, as it will allow us to meet Greens from every part of the world and reaffirm our commitment to internationalism when so many other political parties focus on narrow nationalism.

The event will take place at the ACC conference centre in Liverpool and is open to all Green Party members. The congress will be held in parallel with our spring conference and a gathering of the Global Young Greens. This is likely to be the largest gathering of Green Party members internationally that has ever been held. 

You can see the programme as it develops on the congress website, and you can register to attend on the Green Party of England and Wales website