Editorial: Standing for Green values

Editorial: Standing for Green values
The Co-Chair of the Greens/European Free Alliance Group says Greens must fight to ensure sustainability, solidarity and safety for all

2016 was the year of rising nationalism and populism. The outcome of the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections shocked us all. Now more than ever we have to stand up for our Green values. Let us turn 2017 into the year of fighting these reactionary tendencies. Let us fight for pluralism, diversity, solidarity, and a clean and healthy environment.

The Greens have always and will continue to be the natural antidote to populists and nationalists. Hence, we can and should play an important role in opposing (anti-EU) populists and right-wing extremists such as Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen and Nigel Farage. With each public speech and each article they publish, they are paving the way for xenophobia, hate speech and violence. They agitate against migrants and refugees in social media and on the street. They make racism socially acceptable and are morally responsible for increasing violent attacks against minorities. 

In stark contrast, we Greens have always been the political party that is fighting against racial and religious discrimination, for gender equality and LGBTIQA+ rights. This is a core element of our Green identity. Fighting discrimination is not merely about protecting minorities, it is also an important contribution to an open and inclusive society. We believe in a culture of solidarity, which is open to migration and takes responsibility for people fleeing war or persecution. We want immigration laws instead of walls and fences. We stand for an integrated Europe and for global multilateralism. National withdrawal can never be a solution to global problems such as climate change and economic crises.

Despite all its problems, Europe is our best chance when it comes to ensuring sustainability, solidarity and safety for all. That is why we have to fight for what we believe in. Let us stand up for our Green values on the streets, on Facebook, in public discourse. It will be tough at times, but together, we will be heard and we will change Europe (and the world!) for the better. 


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