Leadership debate
In this edition of Green World you will find your voting paper giving you the opportunity to vote on whether or not the Green Party should have an
elected leader and deputy leader (or co-leaders) or continue with two Principal Speakers.

Arguments on both sides of the debate are laid out in this issue.

Whatever your view, please vote. The higher the vote cast, the more likely it is that the outcome will be accepted by all, and that our party can go on to concentrate on other issues, rather than returning endlessly to this one.

General election campaigning
Although Gordon Brown has decided not to call an election just yet our work to have the first Green MPs elected continues. Through sheer hard work we have had
Green Councillors elected. The same will be true for Green MPs. Our article on Darren Johnson and Adrian Ramsay tells you how you can help. Please do.

Powering up and powering down
These are the titles of two sections in ZeroCarbon Britain, an alternative energy strategy recently published by the Centre for Alternative Energy. The strategy details how Britain can eliminate emissions from fossil fuels in 20 years and break our dependence on imported energy. The full report can be downloaded from www.zerocarbonbritain.com. It is excellent.

I have edited Green World for five years. It is one of the best jobs in the Green Party, but it does demand time, and with a full-time job and family, I have decided to step down. I would like to say thank you to all the people who have contributed ideas, articles and energy to the magazine and myself. Particular thanks must go to all the members of all the editorial boards I have worked with. They play an absolutely essential role in ensuring Green World stays in tune with our party. I also want to publicly thank John Street and Steve Chadburn. John proof-reads for Green World with incredible speed and accuracy and I am constantly amazed by how Steve turns word-processed pages into a captivating and attractive magazine. I know my successor will take great satisfaction from editing Green World and working with my soon to be ex-colleagues.

All the best,
Richard Scrase
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